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Making Dreams Come True

This store came about due to a friendship and like minds.  There were a group of small businesses that were doing events in different areas.  This thought came up about having an indoor place that was set up as an event store.  This is how the marketplace developed.  Having a place where different small businesses, homemade and direct sales, could schedule to set up their product when their schedule allowed.  We decided to  be open Friday through Sunday every week.  We also found a place that had a studio where we could hold workshops.  So we went for it and here we are 

Jessica Wright and Erin Shara

Turning a Vision into Reality

When we started searching for a place to have our marketplace, we were looking for certain things.  A place big enough for having small businesses, something that had a great vibe to it and didn't need a lot of work.  It didn't take long for us to find it 

A Perfectionist on Every Detail 

We wanted everything to be perfect.  Perfect place for our vendors and for our customers.  A place you feel like everyone is family and that you are home.